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  • A day in the life of an OnlyFans Millionaire
  • The millions being made behind closed doors of a sleepy Somerset village
  • Porn is a real and viable business says OnlyFans star
  • Escapism and fantasy is worth millions in 2023
  • Busting the myths of top OnlyFans earners 

In recent years OnlyFans’ popularity has exploded offering creators a direct sales platform to their fans making millionaires of some many of whom are in the adult entertainment field.

To bust the myths and find out the real truth behind the earning potential on Onlyfans we chatted with Hannah Brooks a top 1% creator on the site to take a peak behind the scenes of this online phenomenon.

In a quiet rural village in Somerset, I sat down with Hannah who has amassed earnings in excess of 3m dollars since becoming an Onlyfans creator and started by discussing her daily life.

She talks openly “It’s a lifestyle more than a regular job, you are dedicated to the fans as much as they are dedicated to you” this is already clear as I can see the notifications constantly appearing on her phone whilst we chat.

“The fans are from all corners of the world and they message at all times of the day, meaning I try to live a fairly structured life to include them in my daily routine”

Hannah goes on to explain a standard day “I wake at 530am check and reply to messages from my fans, which is followed by a good breakfast, a full workout in the home gym before my first filming session of the day”

Hannah has a couple of dedicated rooms in her home already set up to film with lights, camera stands rails of outfits and clothing as well as an impressive collection of sex toys to hand.

It’s not just OnlyFans Hannah has to film and produce content for, she explains “I like to push  content out to all of my social media accounts daily, there is a constant need to attract new fans and  with such an incredible array of talent within OnlyFans the fan turnover is high for everyone so being seen across socials is a massive part of what I do”

Hannah’s social media following is impressive with over 1 million followers on TikTok, 500k on Twitter with over 100k on Instagram.

Although, as Hannah explains its not all plain sailing with social media “You have to post sexy, fun and engaging content to attract new fans but each individual platforms have its own rules, it can be too easy to push the line a little and have your account, restricted, suspended or even deleted completely at the blink of an eye”

It is worth noting many social media sites also don’t allow direct linking to OnlyFans and have strict acceptable content guidelines, so to get noticed but keep your account in good standing means you need to double-check everything.

Hannah opens up about more of her day “At the end of my first filming session I go live on OnlyFans – it’s a great way to interact with my fans and usually ends up being somewhat playful and filthy” she giggles.

“I check the messages again grab a shower and head out.  Golf is my current passion which I initially started to help my mental health.  As this job means I’m working from home it’s too easy to just work, work, work and burnout.  It’s a 24/7 worldwide website so it’s not only important for me to look after my body but also my mind too.

If I’m not playing golf I’m usually running errands, having business meetings or taking the dog on a long walk before having an early lunch, where I check and reply to my fans again showing them what I am up to, the beauty of OnlyFans is I can work from anywhere”

When I asked Hannah about whether it was a real job and a real business Hannah laughed  “Of course it’s a real job and a real business, I have a Ltd company which is vat registered and I pay tax like any other business and company.  There is still a massive misunderstanding on this, this is like any other business providing a service, it’s just my service is a little more personal than most”.

Returning to her daily routine,  Hannah continues “I do a second filming session in the afternoon for those who have booked custom videos and personal messages as well as catching up with my fans to update them on my day and what I am up to.

For my fans, as much as it is based around porn and adult content they are ultimately paying for the personal, individual and real connection to me.  I’m completely honest with my fans, they all know I’m married and it’s a virtual space only, it’s this real connection with the added spicy fantasy and escapism that keeps them coming back again and again.”

“I end the filming session with another live show on OnlyFans and catch up with a few household chores before going out for a few hours for food, to see friends or for another walk. Being up so early means an early night for me but not before one final check in with my fans”

In talking to Hannah you can see her appeal, not only her looks but her bubbly personality, infectious laugh and that cheeky look that tells you she gets up to no good now and again but she also has a passion for her fans who pay to be a part of her online life.

Asking what she does when she wants time away Hannah replies You’re not ever really away from it so my fans come with me. I think part of my appeal is that I do show them real life and what I am up to as well as what I get up to in the bedroom and elsewhere”  she giggles and continues.

“People like to dream and be nosey and a voyeur in someone else’s life, that’s why reality TV does so well.  I provide a naughty escape and fantasy for them filled with all the fun parts of life.

I work hard but I also play hard with regular trips away,  but my fans get to see this too and adore what I get up to when I’m away,  with many of them tipping to receive extra spicy pics and videos from wherever I may be in the world.

Sometimes I even occasionally get spotted as “the women off TikTok” or OnlyFans and it’s a little surreal but it’s nice”

She adds though it isn’t all that easy with a stigma still attached to sex work in the UK,

“Unfortunately there is still a stigma attached, not everyone even in the village agrees with what I do and the online trolls are out in full force constantly but sex work has been around since the dawn of time and will be here long after I’m gone too.

Since the first days of the internet, porn has thrived and whereas before I would use clip sites and one on one webcam platforms OnlyFans took that one stage further and allowed us creators to connect directly with our fans en mass in a safe well controlled way.

This leads into everyday life and the tax man is more than happy to take his share but when it comes to mortgages and loans from banks it can be far more difficult”

OnlyFans’ even being a multi billion dollar company have faced their own fair share of criticism over the years and at one point even banned porn on the platform altogether due to banking issues which have since been resolved.

The safety and control measures they have in place seem to be far above many adult orientated sites and with more conversations than ever over internet safety it seems OnlyFans have placed themselves well with near cult status in modern media.

This also gives the creators a safer environment and it seems that Hannah’s “lifestyle” and business can only thrive further with this increased safety and protection afforded to creators and fans alike.

Where making porn, and sharing your daily life online may not be for all of us Hannah Brooks has certainly embraced it wholeheartedly, made it her own and is making more than an acceptable living from the sleepy Somerset countryside.


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Hannah Brooks started in the online adult industry 10 years ago and has made the main focus of her work on OnlyFans for the last 7 years since 2016.

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OnlyFans started in 2016 and rose to infamy during the pandemic and now boasts 1.3million creators and 170 million fans on the platform with a turnover of US$4.8bn with Pre-tax profits soaring to US$432mln in the 12 months to September 2021.